Mechanical Testing of Components of Cryogenic Hydrogen Tank

  • Cryogenic hydrogen tanks are important element for future hydrogen based drive technologies
  • Crash loads impose high requirements with respect to mechanical strength
  • The mechanical strength of a hydrogen tank suspension has been tested and verified for both extreme temperature points of the operational spectrum (+85°C and -196°C)
  • KRP-M provided the know-how for the design of the cryo-capable test set-up and performed the tests in a 100kN tensile testing machine



Optimal Support-Positioning of M1-Mirror-Segments of E-ELT

  • Optimization of support positions of M1-mirror-segments of the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) for minimizing surface errors
  • parametric FE-model of the mirror segement and the support structure
  • numeric optimization with gradient-based search algorithms




Drop Testing of Notebook-Packagings

  • Investigation of the impact attenuation performance of different packaging types (all impact directions)
  • Acceleration measurement on multiple positions on the notebook
  • Result evaluation and comparison by using shock response spectrum methods