Bevameter Testing of Mars Soil Simulants for the ESA-NASA Sample Fetch Rover (SFR)

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Bevameter with shear plates
Bevameter with shear plates

Bevameter test
Bevameter test

  • For designing the mobility system of any planetary surface vehicle, it is essential to know the properties and parameters of the terrain to be driven on as e.g. strength and stress-strain behavior. The accurate knowledge of these terramechanical aspects is the basis for any simulation-based approaches to design the system and wheel configuration.
  • The reference method to determine terrain stress-strain behavior in the context of ground vehicles is so-called “Bevameter” testing; this consists of a series of vertical and shear loading tests on a representative terrain using flat plates that simulate the action of the vehicle running gear (wheels or tracks) on the terrain
  • KRP performed such Bevameter tests on four different Mars soil simulants that are used by the European-Canadian-US team currently developing a rover for Mars (the “Sample Fetch Rover” (SFR) as a key element of the planned NASA-ESA Mars Sample Return (MSR) effort)
  • The parameters determined by KRP from the Bevameter tests will be used in rover design analyses and test predictions alongside rover prototype tests planned for 2021

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