Development Analyses

  • Analyses spectrum covering feasibility studies up to model correlation for components
  • Preparation of detailed reports

Static Analyses

  • Stiffness- and stress analyses
  • Stability/buckling analyses
  • Bolt analyses

Structural Dynamic

  • Modal analysis, stiffness optimisation, model correlation with experimental data
  • Sine- and random vibration analyses incl. determination of notching profiles
  • Transient analyses and response spectrum analyses (e.g. for shock excitation)

Thermo-Elastic Analyses

  • Coupling of thermal and structural analyses
  • Thermo-elastic performance analyses including interaction with optics (e.g. satellite instruments)
  • Stress analyses for thermal loads

Thermal Analyses

  • Preparation of thermal models with FEM (ANSYS) and ESATAN/ESARAD (GMM/TMM)
  • Performance analyses and optimisation of heat flow paths
  • Implementation of experimental data into models

Analyses According To SDC-IC and RCC-MR Codes

  • Structural analyses and stress evaluation according to international design standards for nuclear fusion experiments
  • Stress categorization and linearization

Structural Analyses for Seismic Events / Earthquakes

  • Structural analyses and integrity assessment for seismic events (e.g. for nuclear research installations)
  • Different analysis and verification methods according to international standards

Electromagnetic/Structure Interaction

  • Computation of eddy currents and corresponding structural loads
  • Analyses of typical load cases for fusion experiments like disruption events


  • Gradient based as well as non gradient based methods
  • RSM for parameter identification for model correlation (structural and thermal)