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Tension tests for notched ceramic specimens
Tension tests for notched ceramic specimens

Tension test machine 250kN
Tension test machine 250kN

Material tests at   cryogenic temperatures (4K, Liquid Helium)
Material tests at cryogenic temperatures (4K, Liquid Helium)

  • Standard-tests for determination of material properties:
    • E-Modulus
    • Strength
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion
    • Metals and composites
  • CAI-Measurements for composites (compression after impact)
  • Investigation of stability and outgassing behavior under temperature change and thermal-vacuum conditions
  • Measurement of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) also at materials with extremely low CTE by an laser interferometer
    • temperature range -180°C up to +400°C
    • SIOS double plane laser interferometer
    • INVAR and fused silica specimen support
  • Fatigue tests from LN to +1400°C
    • metallic and non-metallic materials
    • inert gas atmosphere
    • servo-hydraulic testing machine
  • Available environmental conditions:
    • room temperature
    • up to -150°C in climate chamber
    • up to +350°C in climate chamber
    • up to -196 °C, nitrogen based cooling
    • up to -269 °C (4K), liquid helium based cooling
    • precise adjustment of temperature and temperature gradient of specimen for cryogenic tests by controlled resistance heating
    • vacuum, 1e-6mbar
    • thermal-vacuum cycling, -180°C to +550°C, 1e-6mbar
  • applicable test standards and test fixtures (extract):
    • tensile testing
      • tension testing at room temperature (DIN 10 002-1, DIN EN 2002-001, ASTM E8)
      • elevated temperature tension testing (DIN EN 10002-5, EN 2002-002, ASTM E21)
      • cryogenic temperature tension testing (DIN ISO 15579, ASTM E1450)
      • tensile properties of composite materials (DIN 527, DIN EN 2597, DIN EN 2561, DIN EN ISO 14129, ASTM D3039)
    • compression testing
      • compression testing of metallic materials (DIN 50106, ASTM E9)
      • compressive properties of composite materials (standard, open hole, filled hole) (DIN EN 2850, ASTM D695-10, ASTM D6641, ASTM D6484)
    • flexure testing
      • on composite materials (DIN 53 293, DIN EN 14125, DIN EN 2562, ASTM D790)
    • shear testing
      • shear properties of composite materials (short beam, V-notched beam, Iosipescu, in-plane) (DIN EN 2563, DIN EN 2377, ASTM D2344, ASTM D5379, ASTM D3518)
    • fatigue testing (DIN 50 100, DIN ISO 1099, ASTM E606)
    • bearing and adhesive strenght (ASTM D7332, ASTM D5961, ASTM D5656)
    • compression after impact (CAI) (DIN 65561, ASTM D7137)
    • fatigue crack growth (DIN 65563, ASTM E647)
    • linear thermal expansion (DIN EN 6038, DIN 53752, ASTM E831)
    • various AIRBUS and MIL standards
  • references

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