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TV chambers TVC1 - TVC4
TV chambers TVC1 - TVC4

TV chamber 1 (open with LN-Thermal-Shroud)
TV chamber 1 (open with LN-Thermal-Shroud)

TV chamber 1 (with LHe-Thermal-Shroud, CAD graphic)
TV chamber 1 (with LHe-Thermal-Shroud, CAD graphic)

  • Thermal vacuum (TV) chamber for material- and component testing
  • Specification
    • Large temperature range: -263°C (10K) bis +550°C
    • High vacuum: 1e-6 mbar
    • Several independent thermal actuators
    • Cooling: liquid nitrogen (-196°C / 77K) and liquid helium (-269°C / 4K)
    • Heating: electrical
    • Coldtrap to identify and collect outgassing products
    • Coverage of the complete cryogenic temperature range
    • Size and temperature of the TV-chambers (TVC1 to TVC4 with their respective shrouds):
      • TVC1-LN2: 720 x 580 x 490 mm³; -190°C to +350°C
      • TVC1-LHe: 640 x 470 x 250 mm³; -263°C (10K) to +200°C
      • TVC2-hot: D170 x 460; -190°C to +550°C
      • TVC2-std: D170 x 1400; -190°C to +300°C
      • TVC3: mechanical test in universal testing machine; -253°C (20K) to +200°C
      • TVC4-LN2: D605mm x 1900mm, -190°C to +500°C
      • TVC4-LHe: D530mm x 1740mm, -253°C (20K) to +500°C
  • Application
    • TV cycling
    • Thermal cycling at reduced atmospheric pressure
    • Material and component testing
    • Optical performance tests at thermal vacuum condition
    • Functional/performance test and space simulation
    • Measurment of mechanical and thermal properities
    • Investigation of the thermomechanical behaviour of structural elements e.g. struts (thermal deformation)
    • Contamination control by specimen integration in clean room
  • Design, manufacturing and commissioning of custum specific TV chambers and performance of TV tests
    • Integration of local heaters or coolers for assessing thermal properties (performance) or for accelerating the thermal cycling
    • Design and in-house manufacturing of „cold plates“ with high thermal performance and low inertia
  • Applicable test standards:
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-04: Space product
      assurance - Thermal testing for the evaluation of space materials, processes, mechanical parts and assemblies
    • ECSS-E-10-03: Space engineering - Testing
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