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Thermal cycling chamber
Thermal cycling chamber

Sandwich-panel test in thermal cycling chamber
Sandwich-panel test in thermal cycling chamber

  • General thermal testing, thermal cycling tests as well as environmental tests for components and materials
  • Capable test-infrastructure enables a broad test spectrum:
    • Temperature range (standard): -150°C … 200°C (LN2 cooling)
    • Temperature range (low): 20K … 200°C (LHe cooling and LN2 cooling)
    • High gradients >70K/min possible
    • Very low gradients <1K/min possible
    • High cycle numbers (>10000)
    • Thermal aging tests including humidity control (combined humidity and thermal cycling
  • Measurement systems:
    • High number of temperature sensors possible
    • In-situ elektrical measurements for functionality tests during thermal cycling
    • Flexible, custom specific adaptation of measurment system possible
  • Specification of thermal-chambers:
    • Different chambers
    • Cooling : LN2 (-196°C / 77K) orLHe (-269°C / 4K)
    • Heating: electrical, >25kW
    • Tests in Nitorigen or Helium atmosphere
    • Flexible control algorithms for realizing any customer specific temperature profiles
  • Customer specific modification of test chambers
    • Installation of local heaters for optimizing temperature distribution
    • Design and manufacturing of guide vanes for optimizing air stream around the specimen and thus temperaure homogenity
  • Applicable test standards:
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-04: Space product
      assurance - Thermal testing for the evaluation of space materials, processes, mechanical parts and assemblies
    • ECSS-E-10-03: Space engineering - Testing
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