Components Testing

  • Development tests (structural, thermo-elastic and thermal)
  • Qualification tests

Material Testing

  • Determination of mechanical material properties over a wide temperature range (also cryogenic temperatures down to 4K)

Thermal Vacuum Testing

  • Thermal cycling (20K up to 600°C)
  • Thermal balance tests under operational boundary conditions

Thermal Cycle Testing

  • Thermal cycling (-150°C up to +200°C)
  • high temperature gradients & high cycle numbers

Thermo-Elastic Deformation Measurements

  • Highly accurate, single axis measurement of length change of structural elements (e.g. CFRP rods) using very precise capacitive sensors or laser-interferometer
  • Measurement of thermos-elastic deformations of components and assemblies under operational conditions

Vibration, Shock and Impact Testing

  • Planning, organization, supervision and evaluation of vibration and shock tests
  • Computation of required notching for sine and random vibration tests using different methods
  • Shock tests using in-house shock table
  • Measurement of shock loads e.g. generated by release mechanisms in satellites
  • On-site shock measurements on customer premises possible

Cryogenic Structural Testing

  • Broad experience to design, set-up and perform  mechanical load tests under cryogenic temperature conditions down to 4K

Structural Elements

  • Mechanical load tests on structural element level
  • Determination of stiffness properties
  • Evaluation of thermo-mechanical interaction properties (e.g. for model correlation)

Martian Atmosphere Simulation

  • Functional and life testing at martian atmosphere
  • Wide temperature range


  • In-house clean room for integration and handling of contamination critical items
  • Tests of optical components under cleanliness controlled conditions
  • Experience to comply with standard cleanliness control plans (particular and molecular contamination, ECSS ECSS-Q-ST-70-01C)