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Random Vibration Test of a satellite component
Random Vibration Test of a satellite component

Notching computation for a random vibration test
Notching computation for a random vibration test

Shock test facility
Shock test facility

  • Preparation and performance of a wide spectrum of dynamic tests and measurements
  • Structural dynamics analyses for test prediction and verifications of test adapters
  • Preparation of reduced mass models for different notching methods for  random vibration tests
  • Experimental approximation of interface loads (forces/moments) based on a reduced mass matrix (Guyan reduction of FE model to the acceleration sensor positions) and the measured accelerations for sine as well as random vibration tests (mass operator method, see ECSS-E-HB-32-26A)
  • Computation and verification of notching profiles based on the approximated interface loads (see above) for sine and random vibration tests
  • Determination of optimal sensor positions for the measurements of test loads
  • Shock test on in-house shock table (description of shock test capabilities)
  • In-house shock test equipment covers a broad SRS spectrum
  • Design and Manufacturing of representative mass- and stiffness dummies
  • On-site shock measurements on customer premises possible
  • Development of measures for reduction of shock  load generation and transmission
  • Impact tests for materials and components
  • Broad spectrum of acceleration and shock sensors
  • Test integration in in-house cleanroom possible
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