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Aircraft Cargo Floor Qualification Test
Aircraft Cargo Floor Qualification Test

Wendelstein W7-X Bolted Connection Test at Cryogenic Temperatures
Wendelstein W7-X Bolted Connection Test at Cryogenic Temperatures

  • Complete spectrum of static component tests:
    • Uniaxial tests in standard testing-machines:
      • Table-top machine (ZWICK): Load: 1 N to 10 kN
      • Universal testing-machine (INSTRON): Load: 1 N to 100 kN , with climate chamber: - 150°C to +350°C
      • diverse testing machines up to 2000KN
    • Multiaxial tests in custom specific test rigs
    • Tension tests up to 200kN in a multi anlge test rig
    • Broad range of environmental conditions available, e.g. cryo-Vacuum (see references)
  • Dynamic tests of products and components:
    • Experimental modal analysis (also on-site, method: impact-hammer and accelerometers)
    • Mechanical excitation with shakers and piezoelectric actuators
  • Durability- / fatigue-tests:
    • servohydraulic testing machine (MTS), 1 N to 25 kN, 0 - 10 Hz)
    • custom specific test rigs in specilized load frames with servo-hydraulic cylinders
  • Impacttests:
    • Drop-mass impact test-rig with a variety of impactor-geometries (up to ~50J)
  • Qualification-tests for products and components in aerospace:
    • many years of industrial experience in planning and realization of qualification-tests
    • experienced team for qualitiy assurance with industrial background
  • Shape measurments of large parts with photogrammetry
  • Shock-tests
    • Measurement of the shock generated e.g. by pyrotechnic actuator
    • Verification of (electronic) equipment with respect external shock load
    • performance characterisation of shock damping stages

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KRP Mechatec GmbH is an engineering services provider specialized in structural tests and analyses in the field of space, aviation, experimental research and other high-tech industries, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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